Who We Are

DJS SKYLARK is one of the country's most proficient aero design team from
SVKM's Dwarkadas J. Sanghvi College of Engineering, Mumbai.
We fabricate radio controlled aircrafts and compete on an international platform against universities across the globe.
With accolades to our name, we aim to set an example and promote aerospace engineering by organizing events and workshops for aero enthusiasts in the city.

From the Principal's Desk

DJS Skylark is grateful to have the support of SVKM and our Principal. Here is what he has to say about us:
“DJS Skylark represents the techno-entrepreneurial spirit of Dwarkadas J. Sanghvi College of Engineering. An outcome of grit and hard work of the engineers of tomorrow, this team has made a mark internationally and represents the vigour of the students of a great nation. I wish team DJS Skylark the very best for their future endeavours and vouch for their competence and fidelity.”

Dr. Hari Vasudevan

Ph.D (IIT-B)
M.E. Production Engg. (VJTI)
Post-Graduate Diploma (VJTI)
B.E. Industrial Production (GIT)




With our thinking caps on, we start off by researching and designing a model of the aircraft, from scratch, using CAD softwares.



The proposed model is now analyzed by subjecting it to real life conditions and making modifications where required.



After we carry out iterations, the final aircraft design is brought to life using various manufacturing processes.



It is the moment of truth when the throttle roars as we watch our own aircraft take off from the runway.


Studying, analyzing, improvising, testing and fabricating aircrafts is not where we stop. We at DJS SKYLARK are always up for the most grueling challenges. We leave no opportunity to display our strife to excellence through competitions, in the anticipation to inspire through our victories.

SAE Aero Design Competition
This contest intends to provide a real life challenge to engineering students by exposing them to situations faced in a professional environment. It is annually conducted in the USA, attracting 75 competiting teams from renowned universities across the globe. It is a platform for young minds to display their innovation and exchange ideas. Amidst these creative creations, we aim to compete by building something a class apart.


Aero-Modelling Workshop

Our goal at DJS Skylark is not only to achieve perfection ourselves but to inspire learners driven with curiosity and determination. We achieve this goal by pouring our knowledge into the minds of keen students and assist them to create their own invention. DJS Skylark annually conducts an Aero Modelling workshop in DJSCE for undergraduate students.

This three day certified course attracts over 200 students annually from the city. It aims at aiding students to create their own RC airplane from scratch. We give you an opportunity to learn:

Technical aspects and designing procedure of an RC aircraft
Manufacturing process involved in fabricating the model
Flight testing the aircrafts to assess its performance.

Exhibition And Events

DJS Skylark believes in inspiring by setting an example. We leave no opportunity to showcase our aircraft and accolades and make our alma mater as well as our supporters proud. We display our aircraft at several events and exhibitions, including:

SVKM Yuva Fest


Transform Maharashtra Vision 2025

Interaction with the CM

Mass Media

DJS Skylark makes its presence felt in the city with the media coverage we attract due to our feats.

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